Tesla's Dojo Supercomputer

Tesla's groundbreaking supercomputer, Dojo, and its potential impact on the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Game-Changing Advantage

Morgan Stanley predicts an "asymmetric advantage" for Tesla, with Dojo potentially increasing the company's market capitalization by 76%.

Production and Investment

Tesla began producing Dojo in July, committing over $1 billion to its development over the next year.

Expanding Market Opportunities

Explore the new markets Dojo can unlock beyond EVs, such as devices using real-time visual field data.

Morgan Stanley's Recommendation

Morgan Stanley upgrades Tesla's stock rating to "overweight," making it their "top pick."

Stock Performance

Tesla's stock surges by nearly 5% in premarket trading following the Dojo announcement.

Price Target Increase

Morgan Stanley raises Tesla's price target by 60% to $400, estimating a market capitalization of $1.39 trillion.

Dojo's Value in Software and Services

Analysts expect Dojo to drive significant value in software and services within the EV industry.

Network Services Revenue Projections

Morgan Stanley predicts Tesla's network services business to generate $335 billion in revenue by 2040, a substantial increase from previous estimates.

Future Growth and Opportunities

Jonas expects Tesla's network services to account for over 60% of the company's core earnings by 2040