How to Use the Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter

Meet Jone, a traveler from the UK who is embarking on a weekend getaway to Amsterdam. During his visit to the vibrant city, he will require the Euro (EUR) currency to cover expenses such as museum fees, transportation fares, souvenirs, dining, and more. After conducting thorough research, Mike estimates that he will need approximately 850 EUR for his weekend abroad. Now, he is keen to determine the amount of British Pound (GBP) he should exchange for Euros.

From: In this field, select the ISO code for the desired currency. Choose from a variety of options including major and minor forex pairs, as well as popular cryptocurrencies like ADA, BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC, XRP, and more. Additionally, you can select Gold and Silver. In this case, we will choose EUR.

To: In this field, select the ISO code for the currency you wish to exchange. The available options mirror the choices in the “From” field, encompassing major and minor FX pairs, popular cryptocurrencies, Gold, and Silver. For our example, we will select GBP.

Amount: In Mike’s case, he has determined that he will need approximately 850 EUR for his weekend getaway. Thus, we will input 850 in this field.

The results: Utilizing an interbank real-time feed, the Cryptocurrency & Currency Converter will perform the necessary calculations and display the outcome. In our example, with a current exchange rate of 0.90208 EUR/GBP, the conversion of 850 EUR yields 766.77 GBP. This indicates that Mike should exchange 766.77 GBP into EUR to obtain the required funds for his short stay in Amsterdam.

The Currency Converter Calculator also proves useful for determining the value of any amount of a base currency when exchanged into another currency. For instance, let’s assume you have 11,250 USD in your bank account and would like to ascertain its worth in Japanese Yen (JPY).

In the first field (From), select USD, then in the second field (To), select JPY. Input the amount (11,250). Given the current exchange rate of 134.901 for the USD/JPY pair, the calculation reveals that 11,250 USD equates precisely to 1,517,634.906 JPY. It’s quite astonishing to consider that with just 11,250 USD, one could become a millionaire in Japan!

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